Xpressu is a Kid-Friendly store for all ages, we sell the most creative clothes in the whole of England. The founder of Xpressu is me, Manuel Kadiri, who is, yes, a 12 year old boy, now your probably wondering how a 12 year old did this, well it's the truth, anyway here is a contact email here: xpressu10@gmail.com. if you have any request for some clothing ideas, go the store isle and click on the custom designs link, it will send you straight to our clothing provider, printful, you will be able to customize your own designs and you can take a pic of it and email it to me. Well, i'll let you carry on with your shopping and i will leave you alone for now, and don't for get to sign up and become a member, it's free!! Go to Contact Us and email me which option you request for.