Xpressu is a Kid-Friendly store for all ages, we sell the most creative clothes in the whole of England. The founder of Xpressu is me, Manuel Kadiri, who is, yes, a 12 year old boy, now your probably wondering how a 12 year old did this, well it's the truth, anyway here at Xpressu we create clothes to fit you and express you. if you email us at xpressuservices01@gmail.com. we can personally order in clothing that you make. before shipping we will email you back to image so you can approve before we ship to you, it costs £10 for a small item, £15 for a average size item or £20 for a big item. 

Check out and follow our social media accounts at: https://twitter.com/KadiriManuel and https://www.instagram.com/xpressu001/ 

Share Xpressu with all your friends and family, so they can take part in Xpressu. Well I'll let you carry on with your shopping, also sign up in our Contact us page and become a free member and get a 5 times usage 25% off discount code.